Moving on

I went to school for fine art photography. In working on my BFA and my MFA, I never did any kind of commercial work. The programs that I was in concentrated more on conceptual art.

So then in about 2011, with the rise of the DSLR, and just about everyone with a camera suddenly putting out their shingle as a “professional photographer,” I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could shoot, process, and work with clients in a more commercial way.


It was a very good exercise, but in the end, it took me away from using my camera as a tool to express myself.


Thank you so much to all of my past clients. You were wonderful to work with and I am so glad that you were there on my journey. And even though I have decided not to continue commercial work, I am glad that I tried it out. Though I feel good about the images that I produced during this time, they are not representative of my fine art work.


As a photographer and photo educator, I hope that everyone can learn to use a camera in the way that makes them the most happy.